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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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They had a few bad breaks and poor relief pitching with the Yankees, they should have won at least one game if not two of that series. However the Reds just dominated us for those games, they look like a formidable team.

I disagree with you, this series could go either way. We have Niese, Young and Dickey pitching this series. Niese will go against Pettitte. This is a toss up, we have a tough time against lefties by being such a lefty dominated team. Young vs Nova, we will loose this game big time. Young is the wrong kind of pitcher for Yankee Stadium, I predict he gives up several home runs. The RA Dicky vs CC Sabathia, this is a game everyone should watch. Again this is a toss up, I can see it being an intense game.

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The Mercury Mets!

Speaking of the Mets, what the hell is with them.

Swept by Yanks
Sweep Tampa
Swept by Reds
Sweep the O's

Consistently inconsistent. They're f'd in the a this weekend.
This series is at Shiti Field. CC vs. RA should be awesome. This whole power knuckleball thing Dickey has going on is wild. And CC is just awesome. But yeah, Chris Young may be 9' 16" tall, but he throws like my grandma, and she died in '97.
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