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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

Been a lurker I think you call em, I've watched Star Trek since I was born (back in '92) and I've been hooked ever since. First memory I have was me watching Star Trek: The Motion Picture with my grandparents (Meemaw (God rest her soul) and Pawpaw, yeah I'm a real hick ) on a Betamax! I loved TMP because of the music, I was maybe two and I obviously had no idea what was going on but the music and the visuals just stuck with me.

I'm a Texan, I do wear boots and cowboy hat (occasionally, it's very hot out right now!), I do drive a big truck (my Paw's F150, I named her Marybeth to piss off one of my friends ), I do like country music (it's all I really listen to), I'm an environmental science major, and I like comedy and I like to laugh.

So hello.
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