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Anyone else get the expansion? It unlocked on Steam at midnight here so I got to play for a few hours last night. I played as the Celts because they look like a great Civ to play around with religion, and because, well, I am one. Playing on epic speed on a standard-sized continents map, I founded the first religion (Godfreeism), and successfully spread it across the continent before the Indian pantheon became a full-blown religion. Someone on another continent founded Christianity, but I haven't met them yet so don't know how they'll react when they find out about us heathens.

I'm liking religion so far, being able to customise it so that it helps your strategy, while also trying to increase its attractiveness to potential converts, makes it much more interesting than the way it was implemented in Civ IV. The Celts might be a bit overpowered when it comes to religion as I already have a fully upgraded religion that spans my continent by 170BC, but I suppose it's up to me now to convert my religious success into success in other areas of the game.
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