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Re: mogul invests $25 mill on personal robotics

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RAMA wrote: View Post of course, again can't see anything in context whatsoever.
The relevant context here is called "reality," and he's doing fine. You aren't.
Ah but this is reality, that's the whole point...the innovative ones can see what's happening through technology and invest in it, or educate about it, true enough, it's still a small meme to the general population, but growing. These doers are the one's putting the money where their mouth is, making the future predictions a reality, and this is the first time in history all the enabling parts have been put into play. You really need to bone up on current're way behind the curve...maybe why you don't write fiction anymore?

As for poor soujouner, he sees an item I may post but doesn't link it in his mind to the grand picture...his response is a perfect example.

"Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities".
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