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It struck me that this alien culture(s) was highly ritualistic and obsessed with icons and symbology. While some of the speculation might be unfounded as it's not directly stated in the movie, I wouldn't be surprised if they take a bolder step in making it more directly tied into mythology in the next movie.
You misunderstand. I'm not questioning that Ridley Scott considered the Space Jesus story angle. He said himself that that was the original idea for why the Engineers turned on humanity 2,000 years ago (and I posted his quote on the matter earlier). I'm simply saying that the Space Jesus idea itself is neither profound, original, or particularly interesting.
No, I don't think it's profound, and I've seen it used in SF before, however, I do find the way they melded it into the story interesting...its a case of damned if they do (from the theists) damned if they don't (Well they didn't SAY that in the movie--that's you Rojo) they took the middle road...I'm just hoping if they posit this, then they follow through, at least that would be bolder. Personally, the Persian myths link sounds more interesting to me as a story.

Edit: Its alo possible RIdley wanted to leave his options open, so he could go in any mythological direction he chose in the sequel..we'll see. Quite frankly, I'll take Prometheus over any Michael Bay movie...

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