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We likely don't detect this stuff because to the best of anyone's knowledge it exists only as fiction.
How unimaginative and droll
No, direct and observant. Just because this board is devoted to a space opera doesn't mean we have to play "let's pretend just because" on every subject all the time. wouldn't be fiction if we detected it...

Von Neuman machines would be inexpensive and efficient, therefore a higher likelihood they may exist--if one is to suggest thousands of life bearing planets and a corresponding number of machine developing civilizations--but may also be hard to detect.
There are enough weasel words there to start a jack-in-the-box factory.
One extrapolation follows the other, the Starseed Project is real, Von Neuman machines are almost possible now in 2012. It doens't make sense to send out people when you can start off exploration with machines. We are finding evidence of a huge number of planets and many that could possibly support life, it doesn't take a more than avg bright teenager to follow such extrapolations to the likely conclusions because they are grounded in real of course, don't really care about that..only in being mundane.

"Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities".
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