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Never ever walked out of a film.

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Regarding Weyland. One thing I realized was Miss Vickers' line to David asking "Did anyone die?" She really was asking, "Did Peter Weyland die?"
Which really begs the question.... why was she THERE? If she wanted to control the company, you know, assume the throne, wouldn't him LEAVING be the perfect time to do that?

Instead she left on a 5 year (?) voyage to some remote planet, while OTHERS were running her Daddy's company... a perfect time for THEM to stage a coup.

Vickers.... as dumb as the rest of the characters.
One of many things in the film that makes no sense. Of course perhaps she genuinely worried for her father, perhaps she wanted him to be proud of her so she tagged along to get the validation she craved, maybe Weyland made her go (hard to see how, or in fact why he'd do this). We aren't given even a smidgen of evidence for any of these things in the film however. Vikers is there...well for some reason?
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