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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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I've been saying that from the start. I don't get what the point of all this tinkering with Gotham and Bruce's past. I do like the fact that Snyder has been delving more into the city's history, but for me it needs to actually lead somewhere, the reveal from issue ten is a good start, but that can't be the only thing we get out of this.
It sets up a direct opposite foe to Batman INC and a direct foil to Bruce. Instead of a group of vigilantes of Bat themed vigilantes out to change the world, you have a group of owl themed individuals that seeks to preserve an outdated status quo where it's a rule by the elite.

It's pretty different from RIP where it's less of a creation of an ongoing nemesis and more an exercise of peeling away of what makes the Batman what he is when he has no gadgets, no sidekicks and no sanity.

If there is any ongoing theme in Court of Owls, it's not the question of what defines Batman, but what defines Gotham? The Court or Bruce.
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