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Re: TOS: That Which Divides by Dayton Ward Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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This novel actually does go a small way towards rectifying one of my issues however, namely that the TOS era is much less well developed and interlinked than the 24th century.
as shown by Vanguard, there's a whole lot to explore in the TOS era - probably more so than the "current" 24th century era (post-Nemesis), which is already being developed to a great degree.

Also, the Trek authors and editors should rise up to the challenge set forth by Ward, Mack, et al., team up (2-3 authors) and create more limited-run, multi novel arcs/series.

just imagine another TOS-era arc explored by Swallow and Leisner, post-ENT series by DRG3, Ward and Dilmore, or early-TNG series by KRAD and Christopher.. the mind boggles
(and each will probably have David Mack along for a "guest stint", which will have half the cast killed )

(now I've gotten myself excited... c'mon guys, what do you say? )
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