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Re: Catherine Zeta-Jones: Babe of the week #26 (June 2012)

She comes off as high maintenence, but she also has a child-like demeanor that I find appealing.

Then there's the obvious, as you can see in the original post.

Thumbs up.

The 1991 movie Splitting Heirs was probably the first time I saw her. She looked fairly mature for a 22 year-old...

Loved her in The Mask of Zorro too...

She does look like she has some Spanish or Moorish blood in her doesn't she? When asked if she did, she said she didn't know.

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Thumbs up...

One word, Entrapment.
One of my favorite movies of all time...

From what I heard, Sean Connery wanted her as the female lead. Seems like a lot of people see her somewhere and want her for something. Spielberg saw her in Titanic and wanted her for Zorro, and Michael Douglas wanted to meet her after she caught his eye. They seem to have a good marriage. I didn't think it would last, but it's clear that the two of them are dedicated to eachother and their vacation homes.

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She's a darling bud of May, though...
Which reminds me, she did a nude photoshoot for the May 2010 issue of Allure magazine.

Do your own search to see the rest.
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