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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Articulation frame in a Federation starship's engine system. Uses dilithium crystals.
B is for BREACH!
C is for Cochrane, Zephram who developed human Warp flight.
D is for Dilithium Crystals of course. Much better than lithium crystals.
E is for Engineering, where the Warp Core is located.
F is for Factor, as in 'warp factor 3!'
G is for Great amounts of energy harnessed from the annihilation of matter and antimatter within a starship's warp reactor
H is for hydrogen ramscoops (those red glowy bits on the nacelles)
I is for Intermix chamber, an important part of the warp core
J is for jettison control system. In case things go really bad. "Press the Button!!"
K is for Klingon dilithium crystals, which apparently couldn't stand the stresses of high-warp time travel.
L is for Leah Brahms who built the Enterprise-D's engines, and remember- when you're touching those engines you're touching her.
M is for "More Power!", we need it.
N is for Nacelles, which channeled and focused warp power to create a stable field for traveling past the speed of light.
O is for One to One, the correct intermix ratio of matter and antimatter needed to achieve Warp speed.
P is for pylon, the bit that attaches the nacelle to the ship.
Q is for Quaice, whose 'disappearance' was the first clue in Beverly's warp-core cuddle session.
R is for Reaction, which takes place within the Warp Core when matter and antimatter are combined.
S is for Spacetime Continuum, which warp fields distort.
T is for Transportation, of which warp propulsion is a method.
U is for Utopia Planitia, the shipyard where the 1701-D and her warp core were constructed.
V is for Variable geometry warp nacelles which Voyager had.
W is for Warp coils
X is for Xindi Death Star which has warp drive.
Y is for Yangtze Kiang, a late 24th century Starfleet runabout equipped with warp drive.
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