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Re: Errand of Vengeance / Fury series

Christopher wrote: View Post
Yeah, I'm just saying it's interesting, and maybe intentional, that the character whose older version was inspired by one figure from that movie had his younger version evidently based on the rival character from that movie.
quite right, Christopher Makes me wish for a follow up Vaughn novel (it's not like he's got anything going in "current" continuity.. well, maybe DRG3 has plans..)

Ultramann wrote: View Post
What WAS the deal with all those typos? Ranks jumping from one line to the next and characters changing in midstream (Kell to Karel then back)? Would not the editors catch that? Not cracking just wondering.
It was jarring at first, but IMO (as I mentioned previously "upthread"), thoss occasions didn't detract from a great story.
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