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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

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I've never believed for a minute that the Enterprise-A and the Yorktown were the same vessel. Star Trek V gives every indication that the Ent-A is a brand-new ship.
implicit in the ending of TVH as well IMO: "Let's see what she's got!"
The only reason why this debate even exists is because of the Ent-A's decommissioning at the end of Star Trek VI, and why Starfleet would decommission a seemingly brand-new ship after only a few years of service. But there are in fact several reasons:
5. Constitutions, a dated design in the process of being replaced, are retired instead of repaired if they are severely damaged. Remember that Spock intended that Valeris replace him:
"This will be my final voyage on board this vessel as a member of her crew. Nature abhors a vacuum. I intend you to replace me."
So it makes sense that the ship was intended to continue beyond the current mission, otherwise Spock's statement is a meaningless gesture. So what changed? Battle damage.
Well she was banged up pretty bad. Even if she was fresh off the assembly line, it's likely Starfleet might figure on decommissioning her. Older design, either waste resources on rebuilding her or just shunt that money over to new ship.

Of course that begs the question of whether the 1701-B was always slated to be the 1701-B or was renamed when the name Enterprise opened up.
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