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This is good. I used to have a boss like #6 -- a serious multi-personality. I got out before she could get the slug in my brain. Others weren't so lucky....
I've had a few of those. At my last call center job, my direct supervisor was like #3 but I would often wind up in the firing line of the leader of the neighboring team, who was a total #1 (except he was even older).

Before that, I worked at a used bookstore. My direct supervisor was a #5 while the store manager was closer to a #6 or #9, which was complicated by the fact that they (and us underlings) were constantly beset by the enigmatic dictates of a #7 back at the corporate office in another city. (There was also an assistant manager who was a big Doctor Who fan. I'd say he was a #10 with a bit of #3 thrown in.)
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