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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

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Each of the captains see their vessel as something tangible, almost human and alive.
But due to their profession, they simply have to be capable of transferring their affectations to the next vessel when they themselves get transferred.

It cannot be a rare event, and it doesn't seem plausible Starfleet would in any way acknowledge the perverse love its skippers feel towards the government hardware. If anything, any overt expression of such attachment would be followed by disciplinary action, almost certainly beginning with a transfer!

Timo Saloniemi
Um I don't think so since most of those who are high ups at Starfleet Command have served on or commanded their own ships. The Chief Of Starfleet operations gives Sisko special dispensation to change Sao Paulo to Defiant and when Sisko got sentimental about it I didn't see Admiral Ross throwing Sisko into the brig.
Changing Sao Palo's name could have been as much a PR stunt as the "A" in the Enteprise-A registry: The ship had a rep, it survived a lot of shit that put other ships down. The name meant surviving at all costs, the Dominion might be bad ass but we'll keep coming back. Who knows, maybe after the war the ship reverted to Sao Palo (no EU please) and Defiant went on to another ship
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