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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

The cover to Daredevil 14 was a little misleading as Doom himself didn't actually appear in the issue. Matt's desperate and futile attempt to escape Latveria without his enhanced senses was a good read nonetheless. Foggy's sub-plot, looking into his belief that Matt isn't as well-adjusted as Matt would like to think promises to be interesting.

New Mutants 44 featured the welcome return of Cannonball and Karma (albeit as guest-stars) as well as a guest shot from the Defenders. I've always liked the original New Mutants, but when Sam and X'ian left, there were only two original members left were Dani and Bobby, so I dropped the book. I picked up the crossover with JiM , and decided to keep reading for the return of more original members. One thing that irks me though, is that in almost 50 issues, is that we have yet to have so much as a cameo from original member Wolfsbane. As much as I like PAD's take on Rahne, so long as there is a book called "New Mutants" on the shelves, she should have at least a small place in it.

Winter Soldier 7 continues the story of the last of the sleeper agents that Bucky trained in his old Winter Soldier days. I hope thay keep Leo around after this story wraps, as he would make a great arch-foe for Bucky.

Journey into Mystery 640 continues the "Manchester Gods" arc. I like the fact that Damon Hellstorm guested again as I think that he and Loki and Leah actually make a pretty good team. Loki's realization that he (and therefore Asgardia) are supporting the wrong side of the conflict was an interesting twist.
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