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I think Lundqvist had the superior regular season. I saw some NYR games this year and the guy is unreal when he's on his game.

I betcha Quick prefers the Conn Smythe though!

Draft day tomorrow, there's actually some big names in play - Rick Nash, Bobby Ryan, JVR and maybe even Roberto Luongo (although I think Gillis is going to hold on to him for a mid summer trade).

Jordan Staal is going to be interesting to watch too.

How the hell did they not give this award to Dale Tallon. He reshaped the entire team and Florida made the playoffs for the first time in like 10 years.
IIRC Florida entered the summer having to spend big as they were below the cap floor, so they just started tossing out ridiculous contract offers to players that weren't deserving of them. Kind of like the "throwing shit at a wall to see if it sticks" strategy. Wouldn't be surprised if that factored into the decision making.
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