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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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Considering that the current Blu-ray versions have subtitles already I don't think the Japanese will feel there is a need for a destributor in North America (Region A is Region A be it in America or Japan) Especailly since American BD prices are about half to a third Japanese prices before shipping. Not sure if Voyager Entertainment could sell enough to make buying the rights worth it, not only for themselves, but also the Japanese distribution company (Bandai Visual)....though they would only need to spend some money on repackaging and probably translations for the title page and subtitles for the extras (which are not in English presently).

I have no idea if they would even be able to get this dubbed into English these days. and even if they did (which would have its own expense) what pattern to use? A "direct" translation....or use the 1979 Star Blazers localization pattern for naming things?

Though...with sales in the 20,000 range presently for BD and DVDs combined...They might see it as a hot property. It is one of the top selling anime this year if I read the numbers correctly. Not as high as say Fate/Zero or Nisemonogatari, but still up there.
That is pretty good especially since aside from Episode One...Yamato 2199 hasn't been on television yet...and won't be until after the theater runs finish next year.
Well, with Toonami's revival, a prospective American distributor can make an argument for a dub being a useful marketing tool to sell BDs here. The main problem is one of time - how long would it take to get all the legal stuff sorted so they could dub it before a corporate shakeup or internal politics kills Toonami again, and how long would it take after that to get the BDs on the street.

The good thing is that aside from the all Japanese crew (which kind of doesn't make sense given that this is pretty much Earth's best and only chance for survival, so you'd think the rest of the world would toss whatever they could into the project), there doesn't seem to be any overtly offensive nationalism in the show so far. That might change in later episodes (although I kind of doubt it).
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