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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

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Actually it couldn't have, and there's more on screen evidence to say it wasn't than was.
I disagree with that. In fact, with onscreen evidence from other Trek shows, it's completely plausible that other Excelsior-class ships were in various stages of construction at the time of Star Trek III.

Maybe transwarp, but not the Excelsior-class design.
Which means at the time of Star Trek III they didn't know that yet and the design was not proven.
The only thing that can be argued is that they didn't know how well the transwarp drive works, but it says nothing about the Excelsior-class design in general. Given how many Excelsior-class ships would be ultimately built and how long they would remain in service, I'd say that the Excelsior-class probably met and exceeded all of its other capabilities.
Again I respectfully disagree with that last statement. The class was indeed a success for the TNG era. That much we know for sure. At the time of Treks 2-6 not so much. Because I believe that if there were in fact other Excelsior class ships either built or in the process of being built we would have had an Excelsior class Enterprise-A in 2286 instead of the Enterprise-B 7 years later.
I see no reason to believe that. Truthfully, I think the Excelsior-class probably was considered a successful spaceframe design fairly early on and it already merited a variant by the time of the Enterprise-B.
I think that Starfleet would have kept the name Enterprise for the best they had. And in 2286 the Connie refit design was still one of the best. They weren't going to call a Miranda or an Oberth Enterprise. The Constellation class was a light cruiser not a heavy cruiser. If there were as many Excelsior class ships out there as you suggest (in universe) there would be no doubt that one would be named Enterprise.
But I think it would have been far more symbolic and "crowd-pleasing" to have another Constitution-class ship at the time. After the Enterprise-A and the standing down of Kirk and his crew, Starfleet had no problems assigning the name to an Excelsior-class.
And in Star Trek V the Admiral comments that the Enterprise isn't up to specs yet, which tells me that is new and on it's shakedown cruise.
Which could apply to both new and recently refitted ships with new systems.

More I think about it, if Yorktown had been severely crippled by the Whalesong Probe, that might explain the state she was in after she had been renamed Enterprise-A.
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