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Except that Prometheus IS a mindless popcorn action (horror) flick. It has no depth.

The whole idea that the Engineers decided to destroy humanity because we crucified space jesus doesn't make sense. They didn't like our violent nature so they plan genocide on a planetary scale?
They were also pissed off because humanity learned civilization from the violent Predators (whole stole and misused the xenomorphs) instead of following the Engineer's plan or developing it on our own.

It's amusingly easy to tie AvP into a movie that wanted to distance itself from that film. Peter learns of Charles Bishop Weyland's expedition knows there's intelligent alien life connected to humanity...after all, who'dfund a trillion dollar expedition based on just cave paintings/engravings?

Regarding Weyland. One thing I realized was Miss Vickers' line to David asking "Did anyone die?" She really was asking, "Did Peter Weyland die?"
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