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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

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That's what they did the NX-class, the Galaxy-class, the Defiant-class.
And all were built with conventional warp theory in mind. Transwarp is suppose to be the next step, but is untried in the field.
But says only about transwarp drive. Otherwise, the Excelsior-class design had already been verified as being spaceworthy and ready for mass-production. The same would apply to the other starship classes.
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As far as the public not caring about a hand me down being used for the name Enterprise I bet that there are those in Starfleet that would.
The more important thing would be that the Enterprise lived on. At the time, it was recognizable to the Federation public and the Galaxy at large as a Constitution-class, so it would be a symbolic act.
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