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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

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I disagree. Starfleet personnel were still impressed with seeing the Enterprse-D, even though the Galaxy-class had presumably been in service for a while by then. Not everyone gets to see the newest ship-of-the-line design up close.
But these were people from throughout the Federation, at the time we know of only three Galaxy-class starships in service. Kirk and company were actually stationed on or around Earth.
But where they stationed at the shipyard where Excelsior was built? If not, then it's the first time they ever saw the vessel in person.
Kirk is the Chief of Starfleet Operations and calls the vessel "The Great Experiment", so I doubt this is his first time seeing the vessel.
A term that could have been coined by others before Kirk.

And we actually don't know if Kirk is still Chief of Operations by Star Trek III. In Star Trek II, he was actually acting more like the Commandant of the Academy.
Sulu sounds like someone who has heard rumors but nothing confirmed
Which would support it being a ship he's heard about but has never seen in person before.
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