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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

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For all we know, the original Yorktown captain and crew were reassigned to a new Excelsior-class ship with that name.
Doesn't really make a lot of sense based on the reaction of Kirk's senior staff upon seeing it. If they were already in production there would be nothing special about that ship to elicit that response.
I disagree. Starfleet personnel were still impressed with seeing the Enterprse-D, even though the Galaxy-class had presumably been in service for a while by then. Not everyone gets to see the newest ship-of-the-line design up close.
The whole project was probably top-secret until Starfleet needed an actual port for the trial runs.
I doubt that, given how much Sulu and Kirk knew about it. It could simply have been built at another shipyard and then sent to Spacedock for her trial runs. Star Trek III was the first time Kirk and the gang finally saw her.
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