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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

I know I'm likely, okay probably am, the only one who cares but big development for Man-Thing in this weeks Dark Avengers #176(old TBolts title).

For those who don't know Man-Thing is an emphatic being. Reads you like a dog or cat would based on emotions, body posture etc. He then developed limited telepathic abilities through his time controlling the Nexus of All Realities.
He was captured, placed in a glorified aquarium by Norman Osborne and used by the Thunderbolts for transportation and muscle. Man-Thing got vaporized, it seems, but you can't kill him as Satana noted. However, due to the severity he was going to have to be reborn vs just reassemble such as when a bullet, sword etc goes through him.

He's been reborn at the dawn of time on Earth. He's actually the reason the TBolts began time tripping backward. He had to access the earliest elements on Earth to be reborn. I want the original art for that page by the way. It also seems he
More answers are forthcoming as he was tired from his rebirth and went off to rest. All this for Man-Thing only covers about 4-5 pages in the book by the way.

I'm liking what I've seen with Man-Thing's inclusion with TBolts since issue #150 and wondering what the greater road map is for him. His Omnibus hits in a few months. The lost Gene Colon story as well. Could a mini or ongoing happen?!

Anyway I typed all that for information purposes. I read posts of titles I'm not reading to stay informed. Assume others might be curious about my boy!!

Looking forward to reading Avenging Spiderman #8 and Punisher #12 tonight!!

Also, could a mod just change this thread title to something like : Ongoing Marvel Comics monthly book thread
Something, I think Admiral Young has even asked before. The Heroic Age "theme" was so long ago now it seems.
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