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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Other than not being able to keep my original name, no problems. Make sure to go in and get the 'reward' for switching over, located in the 'items' section of the C-Store. Oddly, not the legacy unlocks section where they always put these things. I didn't get anything particularly useful (yay points boost for a VA50 player! got a couple engine/aux boosts and a purple MK XI hand phaser as well), but worth grabbing i guess.

Much ado about nothing, in the long run, but yet another half-assed effort from PWE/Cryptic. Lie about it, say you won't notice a change, then just dump something in there and don't respond to problems when it's half-tested. Little shit like not being able to use your names, not keeping posting history or join dates, no custom avatars, etc. You know, the stuff that should work by DEFAULT in a BBS system, and shouldn't have taken any effort. I'm sure they're "looking into it"...
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