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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

That's true in the real world. But think back to Kirk's words when he sees Excelsior. He called it The Great Experiment. At that point in 2285 I don't think that Starfleet would assume that they would mass produce the Excelsior class. And thinking of the Constitution Refit design as seperate from the original, then we are only talking about 10 to 15 year old design. Decker called the refit an almost totally new Enterprise. It's illogical to assume that the actual design itself was old or a failure at the time the Enterprise-A was launched. I don't like the Yorktown idea because we already saw a commander and assuming he had a crew in command of the ship during the Probe crisis. What? Did that commander get thrown off his own ship just to make Kirk happy? I think it was just Roddenberry's way of trying to assert some control over the movie franchise. And while I liked Mister Scott's guide at the time it came out the whole TiHo thing was just silly.

But that's the great thing about Trek. I think that the Enterprise-A being the Enterprise-A is more fitting than other opinions. But we can all still dream our own continuity at times like this in our imaginations.
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