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Re: The operational status of NCC 1701-A...?

Okay after reading all six pages I think I have an alternate idea. Here's a crazy thought...what if the Enterprise-A was always called the Enterprise-A from the time her keel was laid? The events in Treks II and III take place pretty quickly. But in 2 the 1701 was regulated to a training ship with Spock in command. Who's to say that because of her history...a successful five year mission...saving Earth from VGer...that there wasn't already plans on honoring the Enterprise crew with another Constitution class refit.

Admiral Morrow states that all crewmembers will be given the highest commendation of the Federation in the beginning of Star Trek III. That took place in 2285. I'm no starship expert but if it takes a couple of years to build a brand new ship then it's feasible that while Spock commanded the original as a training ship, the new ship was already under construction and once the E-A was finished it was Starfleet's plan all along to decommission the original and launch the new Enterprise. But because of the unexpected pounding the old ship took, having to mothball her earlier than expected, and them needing Scotty on Excelsior, and the fact the crew stole the old girl that Starfleet didn't get a chance to inaugurate the new E-A the way they wanted or planned because of the events of Treks 2 and 3.

I mean after all the Enterprise has more than 40 years of service under multiple captains. I don't think the Enterprise-A was named in honor of Kirk and crew at all. I believe that it was named for the Enterprise herself and all that she had represented to the Federation. She represented an ideal, especially if you include the NX-01 as part of the name's history.
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