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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I didn't think the original comment NEEDED to be much deeper. If you'd played enough STFs with PUGs, you'd have seen why I was saying that (and agreeing with the previous poster that had just come out of a bad STF group). Hell, I'd just finished a fairly awful group myself. If you've never even PLAYED a STF, not sure why you'd go off on my 'gripe' in the first place. Not sure I agree that you didn't mean to make a stink though, after you took a few shots at me, implying I didn't have a real life, job, family, and that you bowed down to my superior gamesmanship. Odd way to jump if you weren't sure of my intention, and hadn't even had any experience in the thing we were complaining about. You missed the point and attacked ME over it, even though you weren't part of the original comment. Don't look to me to appologize like we both made a mistake...

Again, because the rewards are (potentially) so good, and there's no minimum requirements to join the Elite missions, the weekends usually see a drop in team quality as more people that don't play much try to optimize their rewards by tagging along with people that have more experience. A little dead weight is fine, and if you learn from it, great. Prefer that you actually learn to play in Normal mode before jumping into Elite, but hey, it happens. When half your team is useless, or even worse, actively harmful, it's ok to be frustrated though...
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