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Futurama Season 7 Discussion Thread

I'm surprised no one has started a thread on this. Season 7 of Futurama premiered today with not one, but two episodes! Two wonderful episodes!

The Bots and the Bees:

Ignoring how Bender doesn't know about robot babies or robot sex prior to the conception of Ben, this was a classic Futurama episode. It was both a funny and poignant episode that adds another layer to Bender's character. I hope we see Ben again in the future.

A Farewell to Arms:

I'm a sucker for the end of the world episodes (Hermes: "Is it just me, or is the world ending more often these days?") so it's no surprise I loved this. The Leela/Fry romance gets more development with a touching ending and a new twist to the Hemingway title.

This reminds me, I still need to get Volumes 5 & 6 on DVD.
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