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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Playing the STFs on the weekend is dicey, at best. Amateur hour...
This kind of comment annoys me. We all have to start somewhere. There is alot to learn in this game and I have only been playing sporadically for a few weeks reaching Lieutenant Commander and receiving a Constitution II in the process.

This is the reason I've steered clear of interacting with "Fleet missions" yet.

We that have real lives to lead with work and family to fill our weeks bow down to your superior gamesmanship.
Feel free to be annoyed, but it wasn't directed at you. It was directed at those that jump into the Elite STFs on the weekend, to the point where (compared to the usual crowd on a weeknight) the average ability of the players goes down.

Has nothing to do with learning curve, or the 'bowing down to ability' strawman you're putting together. I've got a job, a wife, other committments just like everyone else, and am hardly a hardcore gamer. I HAVE run the STFs a couple hundred times (at least) over the past couple years, though.

Just seems that on the weekend, you get more people in the Elite STFs that aren't equipped right for it, haven't even played the NORMAL mode enough to understand the objectives, actively won't listen to the plan or participate in the chat channel, AFKs, or generally doesn't help out. If in the chat, we all agree to start on the left, don't go right and then start swearing in the chat, or not responding at all, failing it for all of us. I probably wasn't the most help my first couple runs, but by starting in Normal mode, learning how to do it, gearing up, and listening to people explain strategy, I got better. And then moved to Elite. With F2P, we've gotten more people doing that almost exactly backwards, and essentially just joining one of these to farm for gear (it's totally random, not based on score within the event, so just being IN means you can get the best stuff).

Making honest mistakes is certainly acceptable. Not listening, actively going against the plan, or showing up without any of the needed gear/skills is less ok. Everyone was new once, willingness to help out and learn is fine. Showing up in an Elite mission without a clue, not helping (or actively hurting) is NOT. And that happens (in my experience) a lot more on the weekends.

Not sure why you'd try and make a stink over this, though. At Lt. Cmdr, you're not even eligible to PLAY these things, so can't have much of a frame of reference for what we're talking about. If you were, you'd probably see what we're saying.
I did not intend to "make a stink" and after reading your reply, I can agree with the points you make. You will agree that your first post was somewhat terse and lacking in depth as to your gripe? This is where my misunderstanding of your intentions came from.

Thank-you for recognising that we all start somewhere and it takes time to learn in a game of this size.
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