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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

When the title launched and Kyle was being Ion, Gibbons did a great job of not only building up Guy, but really defining Isamot Kol, Vath Sarn, Soranik Natu, and a few other Lanterns.

The trade-off for bringing Kyle back into the mix was a diminished focus on the other Lanterns, except for Soranik, due to the romance with Kyle.

The Guy/Kyle bromance was one of the best things about Recharge and Tomasi did a great job on developing it. John had his ups and downs during Kyle's run as "The Torchbearer," but Guy was the one who'd partner up with Kyle. Honestly, I was never a big fan of Ron Marz's writing style, but one of the best things he did was when he wrote Kyle and Guy (though, again, Beau Smith needs to get some of the credit, since Guy and Kyle first met up in a crossover between GL by Marz and Guy Gardner: Warrior by Smith).

Which brings me back to those issues. Even Beau Smith will admit the powers weren't that great. They were something that was editorially mandated. But, again, Smith did a great job focusing on Guy's character and really turning him from a lousy jerk into a jerk you'd want to have your back in a fight. More of a "jerk" in a "bro" kind of way, someone who's going to talk trash and tease you, but he does it because that's how he expresses himself.

If I've interested you at least a little bit, read this article buy Beau written in 2004 about his run on Guy Gardner: Warrior.

Here's a snippet, which is just a taste for why I'm a big fan of Beau as a person, writer, and comic fan himself:
DC wanted no relations to the old Green Lantern way. No rings! Not a problem with me. I had always thought Guy Gardner was a misunderstood character that was taken to the point of being a one-line joke. He was made into a cardboard character that had only one volume… annoying. He was always shown as a one-note jerk. No balance. Even jerks have other sides to their personality. Chuck had started laying a good foundation to the human side of Guy. I was there to take that and run to the next level.
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