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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Green Lantern Corps #10: So yeah, obligatory jailbreak for John. Part of me kinda wanted to actually see John get executed. It would have been a bold move, and possibly a defining character moment for Guy, being forced to watch his friend killed and be powerless to stop it. That, and John is easily the least interesting of the four Earth Lanterns, and has never really worked as well paired with Guy as Kyle did. Peter Tomasi just needs to write Guy Gardner forever. He's turned the character into my favorite Lantern.
Have you read Guy Gardner: Warrior? Despite the dumb powers/origin, Beau Smith wrote an awesome Guy Gardner. Chuck Dixon should get some of the credit, since he started the ball rolling a few issues before the name change to GG: Warrior, but Beau really drove it home.

These two gentlemen really redefined Guy Gardner and made him from a grade-A jerk into a really defined character. Chuck Dixon wrote "Guy Gardner: Year One" and gave Guy a good back story, while Beau made him into the kind of character he is today. Dave Gibbons also wrote a great Guy early on in the previous GL Corps series and I loved his Guy/Kyle pairing in the GL Corps: Recharge mini-series.

I'm not knocking Peter Tomasi at all and I agree, he writes a great Guy Gardner, but if you like his take on Guy, check out the 90's Guy Gardner series starting with issue #11 if you haven't already.

As for "Night of the Owls" being similar to "Batman RIP," I think both of those stories are similar to "Knightfall." All three have a beaten/weakned Bruce facing an "ultimate enemy" and in the case of "RIP" and "Knightfall" both of those end with a new Batman (well, "RIP" ended, then we got Final Crisis, then "Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader," then Battle for the Cowl, and then a new Batman, but you knew what I meant ).
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