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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

67. Star Trek (A)

This will be the first time I've talked about Star Trek on this supposed Star Trek forum in a couple of years.

Revisiting the 2009 relaunch for the first time since theatres (been meaning to do that for a while). I find my opinion is largely unchanged. It was one of the best adventure films of the last few years - it takes a few narrative shortcuts here and there, but that's hardly uncommon in film, and it's dramatic, funny, and very stylish. It marks a completely new phase in the way the Star Trek films are approached by the studio -- or, perhaps, the first time they've approached it this way since Robert Wise's Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the only film that has anything approaching this film's budget. For all that people talked about this as thoroughly showing up Star Trek: Nemesis (which it does in numerous non-finance-related respects, don't get me wrong), that film had less than half this film's budget. The last nine Star Trek films were simply not able to compete with major blockbusters on the spectacle front, something that Paramount consciously is doing this time. And Abrams knows how to do that.

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