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Re: Star Trek: Our Sacred Honor--A Tale Of Captain Ezri Dax


Ezri noting the "kindred spirit" thing with Sarina is actually something I've been thinking about for a long time. When I created the character of Cynthia Holland, whom you remember from From Risa With Love, there was a concious effort from me to give her personality some sort of kinship with Ezri--and by extension, Sarina, Leeta, and what the heck--maybe even Melora. (But these qualties, in her case, he more or less encourages her to let out into the open--she certainly doesn't display them at first! Perhaps it was the perceptiveness of his enhancements that allowed him to look beneath Melora's insolent and defensive exterior)

My idea was, with the possible exception of Jadzia, there is a pattern in the kind of woman he pursues a long-term relationship with--as far as their personalities are concerned. There is always an innocence, of some kind--an idealism, and an enthusiasm for life, in one sense or another.
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