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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

The original Dianoga? Yep! I never owned the original 1978 Death Star Playset myself but I always hoped that Kenner and later Hasbro would go back and make updated versions of their most iconic SW playsets for the modern era. A new Death Star Playset with much more film-accurate detailing and features would probably sell like hotcakes because there's a sizeable chunk of the collector community who'd snap it up in a heartbeat, myself included.

Given, however, Hasbro's current cost cutting and corner trimming which has led to reams and reams of uninspired if not downright lazy and bad product I just don't see the company investing in big playsets right now. If someone like Sideshow Collectibles produced one or several they'd be of excellent quality even if the pricepoint would be much higher than ones made by Hasbro.

Hasbro redid the Dianoga trash serpent/creature in 2002 with the Walmart-exclusive Trash Compactor 2-packs. Each screen/cinema scene came with two figures(Han and Luke in dirty, smudged Stormtrooper armor and another with Leia and Chewbacca holding the big, long metal pole the princess uses to try to keep the walls from closing in) as well as one-half of the Dianoga. You could piece the entire creature together to make one long, unarticulated figure if you had both sets(and bothered to open them, which many didn't---myself included---because each Walmart ordered only a handful of each set and made both very hard to find). To date I think it's the only figure made of the entire Dianoga.
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