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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

nacelle wrote: View Post
Oh my god!!!
Me thinks only the rich people will be going to the parties and captains talks at these prices
Especially as its not exactly cheap to just get in the door.
This smacks of pay through the nose for everything, get not very much. People who've bought gold tickets are now being told which night they'll be allowed in to a party. It's incomprehensible to me that this kind of information was accidentally witheld from people when the tickets went on sale.

This event is making Creation look organised. Reading though the FAQ thread on the Shamasters forum, it's become very obvious that neither Joiner nor his cohorts have the faintest idea of what they're doing. People are rightly very upset about a lot of things which are now being revealed, along with all the misinformation and untruths they seem to have been fed by Joiner's attack dogs. And on top of all this, Joiner seems on the verge of having another meltdown.

i do think there is one or two people going on about all sorts of thing to see if they can try to catch some of the mods out then hang them when things are not 100% what they think they are and there is also one or two people that are not telling the truth one what has been said , at the end of the day if you want a 100% answer about something then yes you will have to email us , if you want a general response then come on here and ask and you will get told what thy know to the best of there nonage, at the end of the day on the official web page its says and has always said that gold passes will get a ticket to the main party that thats not changed .


Learn to write in coherent English, you fool. You're supposed to be at least trying to make yourself look professional and reputable.

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