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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

That's essentially the bulk of my Star Wars figure collection right there (not counting a slew of Expanded Universe ones). I think there's only three that I don't have. My Snaggletooth figure is different, though--he's much taller and is in a blue suit with silver boots.
cooleddie74 wrote:
As per Astromechs fitting in the Naboo Fighter, while I can't speak for the old 1999 one because I don't have one handy (it didn't have a slot anyways) the review video I posted above shows that you load the R2 unit sideways into the brand new Fighter. There's even a little space or slot in the floor to accommodate the modern Astromechs' third leg.
Yeah, I was talking about the '99 fighter. Looking at it on my shelf now, Artoo never did look comfortable sitting in there.
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