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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Nice! I never saw nor was able to get the Target Snowspeeder and the prices for the thing on eBay are just ridiculous. As per Astromechs fitting in the Naboo Fighter, while I can't speak for the old 1999 one because I don't have one handy (it didn't have a slot anyways) the review video I posted above shows that you load the R2 unit sideways into the brand new Fighter. There's even a little space or slot in the floor to accommodate the modern Astromechs' third leg.

ETA: Here are the sixteen original "Special Action Figure Sets" from more than thirty years ago that the new Target-exclusive sets are based on. The new ones even replicate the same figures for the most part, just using modern ones in place of the originals.

Getting all of these in good-to-mint condition would be very, very expensive to say the least. A lot of collectors didn't even know these ever existed until the 1990's due to their having been inadequately advertised department store exclusives at a time when most STAR WARS action figures were bought in individual packages and could be found anywhere and everywhere.
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