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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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Does it come with the R2 unit?
No, unfortunately the Fighter doesn't come with an Astromech droid. At least the original 1999 ship had a molded R2 droid dome that served as a button or something.
Funny thing with the Naboo fighter is that the only way Artoo can really fit in that tiny plug is if his head is removed from the rest of him.
Doesn't seem like including a figure with a vehicle is Hasbro's strong suit anymore...
It might be a case of Hasbro wanting to keep the vehicles at a certain price point (and to get people to buy more figures separately anyway). But in some ways, it's kind of mirroring what they did originally with both the initial Kenner X-Wing, Tie-Fighter, Landspeeder, etc, where all figures were sold separately.

Speaking of which, last year I finally got my hands on the Armored Rebel Snowspeeder (only took me about 30 years after first seeing it as a kid!). My local Target store was selling it at $17.99, but the real surprise was that they also had the Luke and Dack figures in their snowspeeder outfits on the pegs, so I was able to score the the hat trick there.
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