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Re: DS9 - Where to start?

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I notice there is the Typhon Pact series but that seems to follow Destiny which follows on from Titan.
Not really. Titan is an ongoing series that runs in parallel with other 24th-century series like TNG and VGR. Their adventures are usually independent of each other. Destiny was a crossover event that brought together TNG, Titan, and a few spinoff characters from DS9 (Ezri Dax and the crew of the starship Aventine) as well as influencing VGR and everything thereafter. Typhon Pact is a looser crossover event -- initially a series of four books and one e-novella that spanned several separate series (TNG, TTN, and DS9, plus the ongoing Spock-on-Romulus thread), telling separate, self-contained stories with a common theme (in the vein of earlier loose crossovers like Invasion! or Section 31), and now apparently a more unified multiseries crossover (books 6-7 merge DS9, TNG, and Spock, and there's an 8th book coming which crosses TNG and the Aventine). But Titan is still continuing as an independent series (and its Pact installment was really more of a TTN novel that had a loose connection to the Pact narrative).
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