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Re: Errand of Vengeance / Fury series

Patrick O'Brien wrote: View Post
I belive Cast No Shadow by James Swallow my fit your criteria Ron. That is if you have not read it?
zarkon wrote: View Post
Bear in mind it's a post STVI book though, so just starting to slip out of the TOS era, though still there or there abouts.

Totally forgot about that one. Decentish book, although I think Valeris wasn't particularly well handled.
I read Cast No Shadow when it came out. It was nice and with a "Hunt for Red October" vibe, with Elias Vaugh as Ryan

Dukhat wrote: View Post
My memory about the first trilogy is a bit dodgy, having read it several years ago. But the one thing I do recall was that there were typos on almost every page of all three books. And really glaring typos as well. I remember thinking that I couldn't believe Pocket Books would have published these books with the amount of mistakes in them. Mind you, this is not the author's fault, but PB's editor.

Another thing I found really annoying is the use of the names of real Star Trek production personnel as characters. Okuda, Sternbach, Drexler et. al are name-dropped to the point of ridiculousness. I really wish Trek authors wouldn't do that, because in fiction one wants to imagine what those characters look like in our minds. Giving a character the name "Roddenberry" just to be cute automatically makes one think of the real article, and ruins the fictitiousness of the setting, IMHO.
zarkon wrote: View Post
Odd, I don't remember the typos, and I would have gotten american imports from forbidden plant back then, so they should have been first editions. Sure it wasn't the Janus Gate trilogy? That was a bit of a snoozefest so I wouldn't recall one way or the other, but the covers had a very similar style.

The name drops I do kind of remember, but only a couple - guess there were more that I just didn't recognise.
Patrick O'Brien wrote: View Post
I have noticed the typos I just thought it was the conversion to an ebook that caused this?
Yep - the first Errand series had quite a few typos - while distracting at first, I stopped paying attention to them after a while - goes to show that a great book overcomes mistakes in editing/proofing

Steve Mollmann wrote: View Post
Barbara Hambly's Crossroad is dark in terms of tone, kind of spooky, and features a warped future Federation. Probably my favorite numbered TOS novel.
I have Crossroad, but it's been quite a while since I read it - will have to have another look!
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