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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

Howdy peoples! Seen the movie yesterday and thought it was about average. Couldn't understand why the Avengers were the only ones fighting the invaders, especially since the aliens were so weak. If Black Widow's hand guns had no problem bringing them down I would imagine our troops would've laid them waste.

I admit it was nice to see weak aliens instead of the telepathic powerhouses we're used to in other sci-fi, but they were TOO weak.

Cap could've been tougher and seemed to be barely hanging on at times (in one scene he was literally barely hanging on), granted he wasn't trained in all the martial arts yet.

Cap, Hawkeye, and Widow were stuck on one street picking off whatever alien happened to pass by. I was hoping they would do something cool like sneak into the enemy base or something... oh well. Fury didn't even launch planes from the helicarrier to help! Maybe too busy playing Gallaga, aw man.

I rate the movie a C only because I was a fan of the comic back in the day.

Still, Thanos' winning smile displayed the benefits of proper dental hygiene. A good message for youngsters, or anyone for that matter.
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