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Re: TMP: Decker in Command?

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^^^So you're saying that he'd have just flown alongside the cloud all the way to Earth when it didn't answer? Nonsense.
Actually, it's not nonsense at all. If Decker believed that the Enterprise would be just wind up being captured (or worse, destroyed) once inside V'Ger, then staying outside would be the wisest course of action. Decker would have tried other means of trying to contact V'Ger.
There's a point at which a military man has to put himself in harm's way when civilians are in danger.
There's a point in which a military man has to stay alive to protect those civilians in danger. Sacrifices shouldn't be wasted if there are other alternatives.
His choices, sans communication, were opening fire (suicide, as proven by the Klingons) or going into the cloud to see what was there.
We actually don't know if Decker would have done that. All we can go from onscreen material by is that he wouldn't have. We also don't know what other alternatives Decker would have tried had he been in command.
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