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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

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I did love how J.R. was "playing possum" so-to-speak in the hospital and clapped when it turned out he was behind the purchase of his family's estate. I may have never really seen the series but have been exposed to the popular culture of it enough to know J.R. is a perfect bastard.
Yeah, they got J.R. just right. About the only thing I didn't care for was his reaction when John Ross tells him about Christopher, and his harsh words about his adopted nephew. On the old show, it absolutely was par for the course for J.R. to take every pot shot, every political angle he could to make himself the "good" guy or the victim whenever he had to defend himself, (he regularly would refer to his half-brother Ray Krebbs as a "half-breed") and he sure as hell took every chance he could to bully Cliff Barnes and Pam, but he never took it out on or held any malice toward John Ross or Christopher when they were kids. I get that they're both adults now, but it was a bit disconcerting to see J.R. say such a nasty thing about his brother's son.

One of my favorite J.R. one-liners was when his son James showed up at Southfork for dinner with April's sister Michelle, who J.R. was noticeably irritated with. Upon sitting down to dinner, Michelle sits in Miss Ellie's seat, which J.R. will have none of. He directs her to another chair.

You can sit over there, in Pam's old seat.
(under his breath)
Couldn't stand her, either.

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