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"Batman is an insane sociopath" is one of the things that I don't get and "follow" when it comes to Batman and is one of the main reasons Frank Miller's "All Star Batman and Robin age Twelve" sucks so much.
yeah, the whole thing really originated with Miller, who has said many times that Batman is insane (see the extras on the Daredevil DVD, for instance). I'm not a fan of this interpretation.
I've always gone with Superman being the "real guy" with Clark Kent being "the disguise"
So with Batman is the "real man" the playboy billionaire or the sociopathic crime-fighter?
Well, we have to stick with the source material. Bruce Wayne, like Don Diego de la Vega, is a rich wastrel, a front for the activities of Batman. So Batman is the real man.
I, mostly, agree but think the "real man" lies somewhere in between with Batman being Bruce's Mr. Hyde to "public figure Bruce Wayne's" Dr. Jekyll. Neither persona is the "real man." As Bruce he turns up the douchebag, clueless, billionaire to 11. As Batman he turns up the "ruthless crimefighter" to 26.

Who he "really is" is probably closer to how he behaves in private, with Alfred or anyone else who knows his true identity. When he's brooding in the Batcave or something we're seeing the "real guy."
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