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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

^ Yeah the mega main events, in which WWE style tag team booking just doesn't work out.

I'm thinking that the "damage control era" would be more apt a name for this current era in WWE. They fired Dave Finlay because he approved Miz being scripted (by a writer who is probably still very much employed) to interrupt the US national anthem, to which the National Guard disapproved of (seriously, it's a fucking show not a political demonstration). You have Chris Jericho being suspended because he cut a heel promo, not exactly the best way of entertaining but nonetheless WWE should know that their brand of entertainment may cause offense in volatile countries and act accordingly by making sure that offense isn't caused.

What else? Drew McIntyre has been buried because he had an argument with his wife in public, Bryan Danielson was fired because he did a convincing heel job in a situation where several other men beat two other men down, destroyed the ring side area and attacked non performers. But...

Some have speculated that Mickie James was released from WWE because she had a relationship with John Cena. Cena, the guy who has recently started divorce proceedings, broke off his relationship with James and married his currently estranged wife a couple of months later. This sounds like a serious case of WWE protecting "their guy" by getting rid of the problem (James) before she becomes a problem. I'm not suggesting anything, but the apparent time between this relationship ending and Cena's marriage could speak a lot of volumes.
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