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Re: Star Ship Polaris

So, after the last round of modeling updates, I was playing around with different rendering techniques and some texturing ideas, just because I can't resist doing that. I was using my standard panel map hull texture and it dawned on me, now that the windows are in place, that the dense overlapping panel look is all wrong for the scale of this ship. I got curious what it would look like if I just shaded the modeled hull sections with some slight variation from one to the next. I wound up using 4 different materials applied more or less randomly, each with its own procedural noise map set to a unique phase. This was the result:

I haven't textured every individual hull section yet because it takes a fair amount of work, and of course there are no markings or other colors, but I think the basic look works pretty darn well. I'm not doing the actual texturing for the model but I will be doing some paintovers to show what the texturing will look like, and this is just some experimentation to work that out. The final version would have some more localized wear and tear, maybe some finer and subtler panel lines, and more detail in general.

From a nominal viewing distance, though, I think this works.

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