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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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I knew they would bring out Foley after Johnny Ace was fired. They should have done this a long time ago though lol.
Some of the dirt sheets have reported that this is down to Triple H not being a fan of Foley's work. Of course, this has in turn lead to the belief that it is because Triple H resents people saying that his series with Foley in early 2000 was what "made him".

Honestly, it probably comes down to the fact that Foley left WWE because he was sick of getting ordered around while he was doing colour commentary. He then went and joined TNA where he had "one more run" in which TNA slapped the world title on him, put him over many of their talents, despite the fact that Foley was well past his prime and not capable of standing out as a full time performer. He then decides to return to WWE when TNA drys up, so no one can really blame WWE for being wary. It's been common practise in recent years to hold back on returning talent when they've been in TNA and a lot of this might be down to the fact that TNA will push WWE stars to the moon upon signing them and WWE wants to avoid this because it's sketchy practise that alienates loyal and long term employees.
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