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Re: The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon cancelled

I'm about an hour away from watching episode 22 of season 2.

Australia has burnt off Avengers Earth's mightiest heroes, just pissed them out without any fear of there being a season 3.

Possibly giving marvel the finger for selling them something with no future, and a pathetic syndication package? It's basically a ponzy scheme since the cancellation was in the works before these episodes were sold around the world.

Historically, almost a year after its 8 episode run in the states, I saw posters appearing in bus stops down under for "the new runaway break out smash hit of this generation": The Bionic Woman... Because some idiot bought this series as a prime time show and aired it as a prime time show and there is no way that they could have recouped their advertising budget with their only being 8 episodes ever being made...

The 2nd season finale for avengers Earth's mightiest heroes, episode 26, is airing in eight days in Australia.

This is an usual stratagem I believe Pontius Pilot once employed.

But it's going to sell a shit load of toys and t-shirts.
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