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Re: The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon cancelled

Christopher wrote: View Post
Yeah, I figured that site was biased what with all the hatemongering rhetoric, but I thought it had just slanted things, not been such an elaborate, wholesale hoax.

But then, where did that Avengers Assemble poster with Falcon on it come from? Is it an existing piece of artwork that got mocked up as a promotional image?
Snaploud wrote: View Post
It's possible that the new show is legitimate and that it's just the cancellation of the old show that's in question. Though, it seems odd that they would have two Avengers shows being produced at once.

It's also possible that the new show is just in the development phase and has not in fact been green-lit. There's plenty of precedent for superhero shows/movies that never got off the ground.
Well there other linked interview confirms Avengers Assemble is in the works along with the new Hulk show, so they are making it from the looks of it. We just don't know whats going to happen to Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Its still possible that they may run both shows. I mean isn't that exactly what's going on with Young Justice and New Teen Titans.
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